You may not know it but we recently moved to Tacoma.  The old play space is gone but we have an awesome new (very old) house that has enough room, eventually, for us to easily replace the playspace we had in Seattle.  Meantime, we've installed a scaffolding into one of our guest rooms and it's working out great for now.  And MSPIN came by not long ago to take it for a li'l test drive.  We had so much fun - but we ALWAYS do.  See the whole gallery!.

In the titles of the video, Kristofer Weston identifies the material used to tie his cock, balls and nipples as "piano wire" - which is reasonable because that's absolutely what it feels like. In fact, it's waxed polyester thread.  And then I fucked with those bits. He did so well with that torture that I allowed him to act as human dildo for my partner and sub Saltnginger.  This session was FIRE.  See it here!

Bucky in our first play session together.  I think I might have a crush on him.
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